Thank you. No really. Thank you.

Two of the pickiest species on Earth: Cat and Boy.

Two of the pickiest species on Earth: Cat and Boy.

The other day my son asked what the deal was with Thanksgiving. As in, is it a holiday with presents? Surprises? Does Elf come yet? Are there movies we’re going to watch about it? Candy canes, is it the holiday with candy canes?

“Well, J, Thanksgiving is a day you spend with your family, and enjoy all the ways you are happy, all the blessings you have in your life.”

Complete empty stare.

“Ok, so J, it’s, like, well, it’s like this. You make a big fancy dinner, and you eat it with all the people you love, and it’s all the most delicious food, special things you only make once a year.”

Oh! That sounds good mom. So what do you make?

“Well, you make a turkey.”

I hate turkey. At least, I hate the meat. I’ll eat the skin maybe, if it’s not too spicy.

“You don’t have to eat the turkey if you don’t want to. There are tons of side dishes. Most people prefer the side dishes anyways.”

Like what?

“Well, there’s mashed potatoes and gravy.”

I hate potatoes, you know that.

“I do know that. And there’s dressing, which is my favorite, it’s made of bread chopped up with all these great herbs, and grandma always put macadamia nuts in hers and I do that too.”


“Well, I think you liked it fine last year, but that’s ok, you don’t have to eat that. There’s cranberry sauce, and…”

Hate it.

“…and steamed broccoli, and carrots, and maybe some little tiny onions.”

Mom! This is like the worst list of food EVER!!!

“Well, J, if you don’t like any of the dinner foods, you’ll love desert. There’s always pumpkin pie for dessert on Thanksgiving.”

I love pumpkin pie! Remember, I asked you to make me a pumpkin pie at Halloween with that pumpkin over on the counter, but you never did.

“Yeah, well, um. I will make one for Thanksgiving.”

It’s ok, mom, if I hate your Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll just have Cheerios.

And so, in this 5th year of J’s life, otherwise known in the Chinese calendar as the Year of the Picky Eater, I am thankful for Cheerios. It might not be the breakfast of champions, but it sure as hell is the dinner of whiners.


This post was also featured on Observant Sprite, home of two of my hottest and funniest bunny friends, girls I really am thankful for daily!

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2 Responses to “Thank you. No really. Thank you.”

  • Hahahaha! Cheerios…kids are so stupid. I hate pumpkin pie, so maybe I’m stupid too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Comment from Koa

      I think I’m making a cherry pie too. But, I have a box of Cheerios in the cupboard, just in case. Actually. If I’m telling the truth. He could have Cheerios. I could have a bottle of Baileys. And everyone else could figure it out for themselves. :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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