If I could put time in a bucket

These photos are on the side of our refrigerator: My husband at around age 2 in a bucket, me at around age 2 in a bucket and our son at around age 2 in a bucket. I love these three captured moments, treasure them in fact, above all the photos we have. They remind me of how we are all innocent at one time. How we all have a but a few moments – days or years but not many of either – that are filled only with joy and the feel of the wind on our cheeks and soapy bubbles on our backs and trusting sweetness in our smiles. There have been no mistakes yet, no accidents, no wrongs. We are still pure for these few fresh minutes, in a world that will soon enough teach us lessons of broken promises, bad luck and angry voices. We are clean.

jed 4

Baby. No, Boy.


koa in tub



eben in a tub



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2 Responses to “If I could put time in a bucket”

  • Comment from Tami Clayton

    I love those photos. And I love that you made sure to take one of J when he was around the same age as you were in your photo. I can see why you treasure them. :)

  • Love it!

    I always try to remember that even the biggest dickhole I meet was somebody’s baby once, and it’s not my business why they may have turned into the jackass they are today. What does any of this comment even mean? Sorry. Lol.

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